Entry in the Module Handbook

Project: Development of Networked Systems

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Gotzhein

Additional Information

  • 6 Weeks (full-time)
  • ECTS Credits: 8
  • WWW: http://vs.informatik.uni-kl.de/lehre/PraktikumSoSe14/
  • Module Handbook Entry: 89-4145
  • Registration: Required


  • Networked Systems (INF-40-01-V-3 / 89-4001)
  • Protocol Engineering (depending on the concrete project)

    Forms of final examination
    Successful completion of the assigned exercises/tasks, presentation

    The project starts in the last weeks of the lecture time.

    Praktikum/Projekt Kommunikationssystementwicklung (89-4145, 8 ECTS Credits)

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