Virtual Prototyping with Feral - Adaptation and Application of a Simulator Framework

T. Braun, D. Christmann, R. Gotzhein, A. Igel, T. Kuhn, T. Forster

In: J. Parker, M. Manda (Eds.): MS 2013: Modelling and Simulation - 24th IASTED International Conference, Banff, Canada, July 17-19, 2013. Proceedings. ACTA Press, 802-044


Nowadays, complexity and extent of embedded functionality grows rapidly, leading to distributed solutions. Distributed embedded systems can, for instance, be found in time- and safety-critical domains, such as avionics and automotive. Suitable approaches to develop these systems are virtual prototyping and model-based development. Virtual prototyping enables early testing and evaluation of systems in realistic simulated environments; model-based development is applied to design, implement, and deploy the embedded functionality itself. In this paper, we briefly survey our modular simulator framework Feral, which provides a generic solution to virtual prototyping by rapid coupling of diverse simulators, including simulators for model-based specifications.


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